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July 20, 2010
Bad Luck Continues
With a Season of what seems like endless bad luck, Dillon Smith and team are still plugging away and trying to put the bad luck behind them and concentrate on the future.  This past Saturday Dillon would make the haul to Abilene Speedway only to have the bad luck continue. As he was battling for the lead in the B-Main the rear gear started to lock up and really hurt the performance of the car.  He would limp it home to a 3rd place finish.  With little time between B-main and A-main the team would be unable to change gears and Dillon was forced to do a "Start and Park" so nothing more got tore up.  Dillon plans on making another trip to Abilene this weekend so check back next week and see if he can finally get the monkey off his back!

July 13, 2010
Season Update
After a season of horrible luck Dillon Smith and team finally have things pointed in the right direction.  On the last outing Dillon ran a very strong 2nd place having a great battle with Chris Bragg and Keith White for the win only to come up just short at the finish.  With a good finish the team looks to carry the momentum and keep producing strong finishes and let the horrible start be a thing of the past and get back to their winning ways.  Check back for updates on how Dillon's summer season is going.